Ten Years After — Nowhere to Run lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Nowhere to Run" by Ten Years After.


I read a lot of things I’ve seen in the papers
and they went right through my head.
Robbers and killers and midnight rapers
who will get you in your bed.
The world’s not safe for living in;
There’s too much hate and too much sin.
Got to get help from the new world shapers
or it might just be too late.
Gimme a line on the telephone;
Come on baby, don’t make it alone.
No-where to run, no-where to hide
Can’t stop you doping, you still think I’m joking; such a shame.
You know I love you, I’m thinking of you, you and me.
I heard a lot of tales about heavenly dopers
who are trying to make a break.
Know a lot of folk who are daily smokers
'Cause they just can’t take it straight.
Reality can be a strain;
There’s too much hate and too much pain.
Got to get some help or the air will choke us or it might soon be too late.
Know we’ve got problems with the air,
Too many people who never care.
No-where to run, no-where to hide.
Can’t stop you dying, I’m still gonna keep on trying; such a shame.
Hang on to your life.