Tableek — Time lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Time" by Tableek.


My time is limited
All press, frantic
A losing game and stakes is gigantic
Make men panic
Take toast, slam it in the front of they skull
Too close it got jammed why so dull
You waste time on the porno tapes, shootin blanks
Talley ho’d some rank stank ho’s eatin franks
(my time, your time, hard time, any time)
How can we serve this time better
Determined to line chedder
Pop champagne yeah we see them
But usually they scared to death man they so weak
Sellin' dreams till the time when sleep or death meet
Man the time the time im at a lost
Marriage with no purpose get divorced
Single woman no prospects niggas is soft so she, fills her time fills her mind
and takes off
Only time will ever tell if she succeeds, niggas get stabbed by time and just
Never make the corner, never make the turn
Circular mistakes i pray in time they learn
Look, i’m running out of paper, im running out lines
Looks like im running out of (time)