Tableek — Runner Upper lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Runner Upper" by Tableek.


Sippin' lemonade i was livin in the shade
Selling tinted goggles at the pr parade
I had a cascade
A thought so sublime
A future like picasso my canvas was written rhymes
I was hanging wit gorillas thats the sign of the times
Until i understood we was designed by divineness
Thats the kinda thinkin make u wanna kill wit kindness
Opposite of you seein the world through blinders
So what you sayin, so what you playin wit
You snort a little power now you power and legit, shit
Sour skits hit the nail on the head
They cut it with some coolant now you end up fukin dead
Such a shame is shaitans plan my jinns is deenin
Why can’t you make up your mind, and dead the in between a
Rock and a hard place hummin that rob base you basic
Seein scarface dreams man you need that lasik face it
We in a million dollar studio with beats from the basements, nig-ga!
This is original ban-tissue
Stance of a top official
Got the signals
And sound waves to stop a missel
Plus a green lou ferrigno
Vibrate crystals with the intent to hit you
Where its meant to
The weight of the pencil times the mental
Equals pressure points getting pushed into
And make mince meat out of mices
Take cover intense heat out of mic devices
Breaks over, heathens
Wack rappers only hearing they dope from other wack niggas breddin
Now thats biting made easy
So exciting and appeasing
Barely breathing, rock hard from all the cock teasing
Execs call it pocket breazing
For the well oiled machining
One body blow
Leave you floor wobbled, stoned and cobbled
Clone in the bottle get smashed at full throttle
[Verse 3: STAN ILLA (from theEARDRUGZ)
My neutrons circle around my atoms in high velocity
Robin hood of the game attack the opposite of passively
ST spit aggressively like the government been testing me
Intensity like when the french carried they kings head thru the streets
Emcees nowadays be faker than diglycorides
So high, i can teleport to the deck of the enterprise
They just rhymin words
Figure out what you tryin to do
We bond jewels to melodies, iconic individuals
Exploitation of art i can never respect
A nigga said my flow old skool i wave em off like a fair catch
They need to exit stage left
They front an emulate death
Ready to hop off the ledge
The noose tight around they neck
The system with the music for my somalian cousins
And bars blarin hiphop on the narrow streets of dublin
And my aight lookin chick, from the south side of london
She said she diggin BURNTBERRY and our style she lovin
I got my passport up, from the hood to the pub stage
Then i might copulate with a cousin
Just another bar in the new ass ripper
16 bar serial killer STAN ILLA