Tableek — Rulez lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Rulez" by Tableek.


Check the resume
We the next skool pedigre
Fu*k who’s ahead of me
We call em out
Future bout
Rumble in the jungle
Tableekin and they laid out you cookies all crumble
You niggas not esco
You peddlers i crush competitors
Your teams no brolic
Stuck from the chronic if you rockin that wack sh*t I’m not on it
I’m buildin in damsco
My food got cilantro and other greeneries is you seein me?
Im on a scout for empty bellies, bangin on spinnin perellis
You callin this one winning but not on the telly yet
A place on the border
Thats an order or a threat
I been with the kinda woman that are hard to forget i salute ya
End to end bends if its my karma that suits ya
Look alive, lets get active, what rulez are stopping you from proving they
Look alive, lets get active what rulez are stopping you from proving they
Remember the time when the rhyme was more critical
Individuals were more critical
More critics were casually critical in ways that were critical for growth
Now niggas make a beat with one note
Everybody rap so rap is just a joke
You wantin a punch line here
You thinking this the lunchline here
Im servin up this life food here
Take your rabbit ass clean your underwear
Don’t stare, the hallpass years have been over
I roam the earth general to soldier
So, run with your left overs left over
From a recycled style
Of bullshit prose meant to seem wild
But if you bust guns I bust planets real foul
Chorus (repeat)
The jinns couldn’t stop the truth through the monitors
Probably have to wait till my time is up
To get the proper props for all the gift with the rhymes and stuff
But fu-fu*k being the help
I’m swinging like django only not going for delph
In the league with the vets
We movin week to week check to check
Bundle to bundle
King kong so guerilla less less a man be humble
I didn’t stumble on to paragraphs they stumble onto me
Traced it city to city its just an actuality
Facts and the p is free exclusivity make you shiver to your spine
We gonna shine whether you press rewind
Co-sign or not
You rappers need to dig a grave and just rot