Tableek — Got It lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Got It" by Tableek.


[Verse 1: TABLEEK}
Culture crazy
Writtens lazy
Sideline hazy
Tricks dont amaze me
War refinement
Peaceful tyrant
Modern day pirate
Far from the movie
Handheld grenade launched right at your boobies
Spilled half the trees out the doobie
Mixed up h rap from huey jig
I guess one has to die so the other get big
Born in the borough but what makes me thorough
The p-y-k-e the deen in the bone marrow
I could be your brother but not everybodys nigga
Sometimes close my eyes bring the daylight in quicker
I’m wavin at madness to introduce sicker
Lost in the sauce gingerale no fizza
Paper rock scissor
Fu*k fed ex we the ones that deliver
You little toy figure
This a mans hustle
Move heavy use your brain muscle
Toss up to tussle
Rock rings like bill russel
Too many rings to rock you stay muzzled
I need a runner, a gunner with back bone
Thick thighs at home bout to set into a zone, i’m on
Watch me work break that corporate sh*t
You ain’t slick little bit*ch do what you got
A small temper with big hands
Dont never get to talk up the road i’m listenin
Salt and pepper shake you out your shoes
I hit fans
Thats small talk nigga come back big plans
Structure document opulence you little bitch scram
Whip me up a three egg omelet no yoke
Get a nigga fresh squeeze orange you slow poke
I’m just beginning like i’m eating my breakfast
Straight path like your reading my necklace
Pray to the east me and my brother BLEEK
Both see the direction of the
Suratul musta real rude boy a roosta
Put it down cape town to worcesta
Turn it up loud hear the sound of the music
And when it hit the ground thats the sound of the movement