Tableek — Coco Wins lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Coco Wins" by Tableek.


Never would i call u bitch
I got no time for politricks
Yo- can a brother be a little late?
No slow mo but i’m worth that wait don’t
Fix your face come outside
Make up time might kill that vibe
The suns shinning theres a breeze
My number hit i just cop some trees
Dont take this as simple dating
Acting like your two months late an
Look my love no hesitatin'
Why wait, so frustratin'
Burn that bacon make this move
My rhapsody got a soulful groove
Mysteries fu man chu
Of course i’m deenin how about you?
Much too busy like forty deuce
War or truce, shake that loose
Peep my elbows nice an smooth
Best believe i rock coco coco
Spent years invested in
Studyin' the estrogen
Refined is what im lookin for
Yall can keep them porn stars
Instead my inspiration zooms
Watchin through the different rooms
Realer than reality the whole galaxy hears the boom
Boom what im sendings true
Kalidescope got different view different hues like your shoes
Hard to find a woman with a fukin clue
My stash is blue, pastures greener
Make all the noise that you want, in the arena
I flip fast on the vocal
My face is shinned rocking that coco
While yall choakin on them other vocals
Humpin on the local yokels
Strokin' every out of towner
Getting the number counter don’t add up
What the fuk
P is free go earn a buck
Winning off beginners luck extra innings and now your stuck
Now all you can do is wait
Checking times, checking dates
Inne minne yeah he’s safe
Find someone gotta take his place
Like a tool used to measure
Broken promises for pleasure
You deserved a treasure, now your loco
Missin that coco, coco, coco…