System Syn — Empty lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Empty" by System Syn.


On the road between here and there
I lost my nerve
Lost the urge to fight
So I accepted things that no man every should
Thought that I could make it right
And that’s all right
That’s all right
I can be who you want me to
Or I can be me
I can say all those empty words
But I can’t have a soul
On the road between thought and deed
I was made to feel ashamed
I closed my heart until my eyes bled out
Now I’m awake
And I’m alive
That’s all right
That’s all right
I can look myself in the mirror
Almost every other day
I can smile till the sky falls down
Because the joke will be on you
On the road between morality and sin
I washed my hands of everything
But the water was stained red
From all that needed to be said
And I could not make it right
Sing that’s all right
That’s all right