Swamps — Serpent lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Serpent" by Swamps.


Weak at the knees and I can’t breath No longer strong enough and I can’t proceed
Built by your love, destroyed by your hate
I’d sacrifice myself to destroy the snake
Face to mask, dressed in cloak
Turn my back on the fake
Head of lies, hollow threats
Step with a knife in my back
Lying in a bed that you did not make You dirty fucking serpent, you
Fucking snake
You spineless fuck, you got no gut Your throat is mine, you have no.
Spineless motherfucker, better slither away
Not hearing nothing that you’re trying to say
Enough is enough you spineless fuck Enough is enough, your throat is mine
Snake in the grass but I can see
The serpent that slithers in between
You would ruin my life if I gave you the chance
So I’m taking out your throat
This is my last breath I can take
Face to mask, this ain’t no hollow threat
Not feeling regret from the threat I sent
I’ll take your breath, rip it out of your throat
You’re way too close to the things that I hold
Come into my life and I will rip you apart
Never take away the things I hold in my heart