Swamps — Bed of Thorns lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Bed of Thorns" by Swamps.


Surrounded by these four walls
My bed of thorns, you made me sleep in it
Tied down, I’m alone with these thoughts
Ceilings caving in with all the demons I’ve fought
These thorns, they tear at my side
Keeping me awake as I swing through the night
Tryin' to slip away, slip away from the truth
Can’t run forever, get what’s coming to you
Teeth rotting right out of my head
Fingertips are bleeding from making my bed
Hiding deep within to avoid the pain, splitting at the seams from this
Muffled rage
Too many thorns sticking into my back, walking on eggshells under
Constant attack
Can’t fucking sleep with this thorn in my side
Can’t fucking think with these thoughts on my mind