Suicide — Frankie Teardrop lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Frankie Teardrop" by Suicide.


twenty-year-old frankie
he’s married and he’s got a kid
and he’s workin on a factory
he’s workin' from seven to five
he’s just tryin' to survive
all my tears for frankie
frankie frankie
but frankie can’t make it coz things are just too hard
frankie can’t make enough money
frankie can’t buy no food
frankie’s got evicted
all my tears for frankie
oh frankie frankie
oh frankie frankie
frankie is so desperate
he’s gonna kill his wife and kid
frankie’s gonna kill his kid
frankie picked up a gun
point it a six-month old kid in a crib
oh frankie
frankie looks at his wife
oh what have i done?!
my tears for frankie
frankie teardrop
frankie put a bullet to his head
frankie is dead!
frankie is alive!
!? aha!!!
we are all frankies!
we are all lyin' in hell!