Such A Surge — S.U.R.G.E. lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "S.U.R.G.E." by Such A Surge.


Don’t try to mess with me Don’t try to mess with me Watch me now as I flip the script with the mike I grip
I’m kicking some new shit for you to go down with
The S.U.R.G.E. still fighting for F R, double E, dom
So watch as I get some style
I’m kicking it like a champion
So don’t touch that dial buck wild
Boom, zoom, blast a journey into the past
Some will reach the end I don’t wanna be the last
Perpendicular, up, from the bottom to the top
Suckers wanna make noise suck my lollipop
Rhymes like a smack, poetry as a body check
You’d better make way before the roughneck strikes back
Slam, left, right, left, right so You’ll get fucked up by the psycho
I’m falling down like M.D. so yo try to catch me And tackle my impact cause I’ll come correct
Don’t try to mess with me Don’t try to mess with me Come and feel the S.U.R.G.E. don’t try to mess with me This is my S T A G E So watch me as I slam dunk the funk
No I’m not out for the pop junk, you punk
Damn, the black mecca is back to tear shit up Like a cyclone rocking the microphone until the break of dawn
Rough and wicked I kick it without a break little slacky
Now you’re crying to mama for a new nappy
Get what you earn now, you steppin' to me so get burned
Now it’s my turn relax, listen and learn
Rumble rumble sucker cookies will crumble
For this fucked up style and this bullshit mumble
Get your ass kicked by my rhyme karate flick
'Cause, yeah, I’m slick changing my mike into a magic stick
S A S P osse crossover dope tracks
Nevertheless original, knowledge, pure S.U.R.G.E.
Don’t try to mess with me Don’t try to mess with me