Such A Surge — Down To Earth lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Down To Earth" by Such A Surge.


Heaven on earth, God said let there be light
And there was light but also a dark side
Delirium, you try to run but you can’t hide
You’re greedy but you can’t satisfy your appetite
You’re doing everything to get that devil in your mind
You try to see things with the eyes of the blind
Isolation, the result of your addiction
You’re stoned to the bone but still alone
You reach out for a shoulder to lean on But all respect is gone and you can’t carry on Despised by society, treated like an animal
For the law just a piece of shit, a criminal
You thought that you could fly, high in the sky
Like superman, but in reality you’re a weak man
Tear drops falling from your eyes
You’re living in hell and you thought it was paradise
It’s not too late, take my hand I’ll lead you down to earth
I used to know a little boy called Roy
He had a dream, he was just seventeen
He had a monkey on his back, a blood sucker called Crack
Crack was a killer, Roy’s life became a thriller
The higher he climbed, the further he fell down
The king without a crown became a clown
To get his stuff, Roy used to know
How to handle a gun, he lost now he’s gone
He’s six feet deep and nobody cares
Down to earth
My mind is free, I explore reality
Like an aboriginee, down to earth philosophy
I’m not on L S D 'cause I’ll prefer to use only
W to the double E, to the D
I’m feeling irie without mental slavery
No hard drugs ganja brings out the best in me Weed of wisdom, weed of positivity
No negativity just creativity
My inner mind’s eye helps me to see
All this crazy shit going on around me My life is not funny, not a fucking comedy
Nevertheless i don’t do hard drugs, I wanna stay free
'Cause yes it’s me, the energizer battery
So wait and see who’s got more energy
No heroin, no crack, no L S D
I’m free for eternity with the B O N G Down to earth