Subsonic Fallout — Cosmonaut Awaken lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Cosmonaut Awaken" by Subsonic Fallout.


Tear the flesh from the vessel
The mind os the killer
The sleeper must awaken!
Cosmonaut awaken, wake from your slumber within
I have seen time and space collide
They flow together through you!
We are known (we are known)
To stare about the stars… (To stare upon the stars!)
As we wander, we wonder… can we call this home?
We wander! we wonder! should we call this home!
Is this who we are, is this who me are?
Is this who we are… minds trapped within perception!
These eyes have seen beyond the perception…
Of a thousand eyes! They have seen…
The continents… beyond time and space
(oh, oh woah oh…)
We cross the divide, a bridge to reality
From the subconscious mind!
We capture our dreams, like falling stars!
Please don’t wake me, I prefer my dreams to reality!
Burn down the bridges surrounding me, I’ll stay on the island inside of me!
Call off the search party, don’t bother looking, I’m beyond the sea!
Where I am going, you can’t follow me!
(Witness sight beyond sight…)
(We are few among a trillion stars)
The sleeper must awaken!
I’m too far beyond the edge of dreamality!
There’s a river inside of me, from which all consciousness flows!
Beyond… (beyond every horizon…)
There lies another, forevermore!
We are known (We are known)
To stare about the stars… (To stare upon the stars!)
Wondering… should we call this home!
We capture our dreams like falling stars
Unable to distinguish yours from ours