Steven Cooper — Silence lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Silence" by Steven Cooper.


Sleeping on seperate sides
Layin beneath your lies
But I won’t apologize
To you
Lack of reality
Close to insanity
Why’d you lead me Why’d you push me game of tug of war near the edge
What you say
If I left without a trace
Because I couldn’t let you
Be loving me now and again
Facing the end
The words are written on my face
But I can’t fix myself
To say
Loving me now and again
Silence take the stage
Lost your love in the war
Time to even the score
Giving up nuthin more
For you
Starved in your hunger games
You let pride get in the way
Why would take me Why would u leave me Said that ud be there to the end
I hit a rock in the middle of the ocean
And I’m drifting away
I’m screaming out loud
but you don’t hear
I keep dreaming
keep wishing on a storm