Steve Harley — Mirror Freak lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Mirror Freak" by Steve Harley.


Exhibition yourself we’ll hold a show on the shelf
Now we can feel a change is on the way
You’re not a skin or a spiv
boy who are you trying to kid
You’re jolly handsome, super, wizard, okay?
Would you resort to telling
all your friends lies
When they can see right through
your flimsy disguise?
We all consider you far out
so there can be ltttle doubt
You’re gonna make it in a big, big way
Oh we can feel a new existence beginning
And the yobs have made a go at forgiving
And the new man he appears to be winning
What a shame such a bore!
I don’t wanna turn on tonite
Said I don’t wanna turn on tonite
You put your hand in the air
and when they ask you say Yeah
And they’ll be happy to believe
you’re both kinds
Then shake a fist or a leg
and prove the image is dead
Or the chances are you’ll trip up their minds
Oh you’re too cute to be a big rock star
But if you’re cool you may not push it too far
Oh just believe in yourself
and take a tip from the elf
And sing a boogie to the image fatale
Oh we can feel.. .
You feel Lorretta’s deep breaths,
you put a hand on her breast
You feel her come on like some movie-star chick
You slide her body across
you fight so hard to be boss
But sweet Lorretta she knows all the tricks
So you perform like it’s your very best show
You turn her on but she’s never gonna know
Then you can shuffle your hips
or M-M-Mae West your lips
But you’re the same old thing we’ve always known
Oh, we can feel.. .