Steep Canyon Rangers — Take The Wheel lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Take The Wheel" by Steep Canyon Rangers.


I try to keep it all together but it’s pulling me apart
Try to stay together but its pulling me apart
Hoping that the pain won’t show
There’s no trouble like a worried heart
And mine’s about to overflow
I fell hard for the freedom of the open road, the open road
Now it won’t turn me loose
Take the wheel; it’s spinning out of control
Take the wheel; let me know how it feels to let go
I chased that dream as hard as it’d go
Maybe I was just running away
I don’t wanna be a stranger to my friends no more
Don’t wanna be a stranger to my baby
Cause I can still remember when
Lady Colorado, she treats me so good
Lady Colorado, she treats me so good, I miss her so
I need someplace to hide me away
Until the break of day