Steep Canyon Rangers — Hunger lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Hunger" by Steep Canyon Rangers.


There’s a stray cat callin, howlin in the wind
It’s gonna be cold tonight
Warm inside I hear a voice shoutin sayin
Baby won’t you treat me right
Hunger, hunger, hunger can’t satisfy the hunger in my soul x2
Everybodys on the hunt lookin for a little something
Some way to pass the time
No matter what you call it deep inside
These troubles are the same as mine
It keeps me searchin
For a spirit in the sky
It keeps me searchin
‘Til I can look it in the eye
And that’s why I can’t stay here very long
It keeps driving me on
And I’ve tasted the fruit growing sweet on the vine
And I just can’t shake it from my mind
And it stays with me for days and nights
Day and night
For the rest of my life