Starling Electric — New Era lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "New Era" by Starling Electric.


I flew from your presence
Still lost in the forelocks of lions
I was digging the way
That you brushed out the night from your eyes
Roxanne, she rocked gently before the show
Swallowed my sunshine
And with a wave of her fingers
Said she’s guessed a number of things
New era, we chased it, we’re patient
Those city girls split from the stairs
With the universe ringing, and some of us singing
Who cares?
This staircase was burning, we turned to stare
Turning that phrase around
«Please just release sirens
Don’t silence the low hum of love»
And Lucy rocked loosely
Returned the last book that she checked out, called
«A Cloud That Returned to Cloud Heaven Is Clouding My Mind»
New era, I waited for new things
We’re older and starting to feel
If we can all hold her
The things that we told her are real