Stan Ridgway — Stranded lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Stranded" by Stan Ridgway.


She was standin' near the railroad track when she first flagged me down
I was drivin' outta town
All alone
Her face held every feelin' in but her eyes gave her away
One look and you would say
No way home
Walkin' through an airport lounge
Somewhere way off in Spain
Through a scratchy intercom it came
Loud and clear…
You’re worn and used and you can’t talk
Your flight has been postponed, now you must walk
Straight up that hill???‚¬???‚¬???now you must push your own rock
The iceburg cut into the hull while the captain rang the bell
How he went down, who could tell
Cold as ice
Beneath the waves the ocean liner sank into the sand
You still could hear the band
Auld Lang Syne
Out in space their orbit then just started to decay
She was burnin' up the atmosphere
Burn away
Chorus repeat