Stan Ridgway — Pile Driver lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Pile Driver" by Stan Ridgway.


There is a big click clack machine
Whose engines don’t pump gasoline
It’s a poundin' crazy arm that works all day
It’s run by all the people who
Have got some blueprint plan to do So don’t shake your head???‚¬???‚¬???no, just nod and say «okay»
And before I knew it, I got shoved in line
Marchin' south in single file, and countin' off in time
(So, And) Bring that pile driver over here and be quick
We’ve got to dig a hole right now, so we can put in this stick
We’ve got a hundred fourty-seven done, we only got a day
So bring that pile driver over here right away
Now here’s a big wide open space
So wipe that smile right off your face
And replace it now with a look of stern regard
It’s the early bird that gets the worm
So what happens when the worm will learn
It’s the older ways for new we will discard
And someone sent us this big machine that guarantees
There’ll be no argument at all when we’re packin' one of these
Chorus repeat
But wait a minute
Did you hear it cough
This crazy arm
We can’t turn off
It’s rollin' round
And diggin' down a mile
Look out???‚¬???‚¬???this big machine
Has gone hog wild!
So look out, world, we’re buildin' now
When the hammer hits, the thumb says «Ow!»
Somewhere you know there’s progress made
One thing’s for sure, we’ll get our asphalt laid
This big machine has run amuck
And someone somewhere passed the buck
So keep an ear out for that whistle call
And duck when you see that wreckin' ball
And hey, Bob, don’t light that match, we could explode
I’ll move some dirt while you block off the road
Chorus repeat until fade