Stan Ridgway — picasso's tear lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "picasso's tear" by Stan Ridgway.


Like a monster back from hell
I sit and watch the river flow
And if I lose you on a turn
Or stopping at the yellow glow
I’ll meet you back right here
Same time tomorrow night
Inside Picasso’s tear
In this apocalyptic night
Now if the purple sky
Will turn another shade of green
And if the world will burn
In this apocalyptic sheen
I still remember you and me We were partners pulling time
Mixing blue and green
And hangin' up our sign
And through a highball glass
Yeah, I could see inside your fear
Oh, you never knew it then
But the feeling was so clear
And if the target never moves
Yeah, but then it always does
Oh, the kids can fuck themselves
Yeah they’ll find out soon enough