Stan Ridgway — My Own Universe lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "My Own Universe" by Stan Ridgway.


One night I was lookin' high up at the sky
A shootin' star was fallin' and I didn’t know why
Whenever it rains like this, I think of you
I am sitting here inside my own universe
Thinkin' of the memory of you and your purse
The planets are aligned, but I think ours are askew
Telephone is ringin'
I think I’ll let it pick up My life is one big black hole
And my planetarium is shut
Watchin' that horizon, yeah, I see the sun set
Disappear in water, can it ever forget
Lately, I’ve been tired and lazy
Moonglow on my shoulder tells me
I’m sitting here inside my own universe
Spinning 'round the planets while we try to converse
Meteorites are fallin', and our satellite is broke
Can we rendezvous? One can only hope
Oh, I can see the planets fallin'
Oh, our space is out of whack
I’m lookin' through that telescope
I wonder if you’re lookin' back
Repeat six times:
I’m sitting here inside my own universe