Stan Ridgway — Luther Played Guitar lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Luther Played Guitar" by Stan Ridgway.


Now we were young and we were bold
We were three out on the road
Stayin' up all night and drivin' past the dawn
Me and two from Tennessee, up in lights on that marquee
From Folsom Prison to San Quentin, oh but now those days are gone
His guitar was dark and deep, he played in the lower range
Even now it sends a shiver up my spine
He played a twangin' metal string, and his tone was round and strange
He left too soon and no one’s ever took his place inside my mind
Luther, can you hear me where you are?
I’m still out here on the road and travelin' so far
Yeah Luther?
Yes, and I still miss the time, when we’d three play «Walk The Line»
With Marshall on the bass, I sang
And Luther played guitar
Now my heart still skips a beat, when I look at that back seat
And think back on those crazy times and one night stands
And all through the early days, past the booze and pills and haze
Oh, time just moves along and no one’s left but God to understand
Luther, can you hear me where you are?
I still hear your guitar play at every honkey tonk and bar
Yeah Luther?
And late at night when I close my eyes I see black suits and bolo ties
And Marshall on the bass, I sing
And Luther played guitar
Luther, can you hear me where you are?
Now we’re sleepin' in this big jet plane instead of your old car
Yeah Luther?
And while through this old world I roam, if the Lord should call me home
Put Marshall on the bass, I’ll sing
And Luther play guitar