Stan Ridgway — Lost Weekend lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Lost Weekend" by Stan Ridgway.


Drivin' outta Vegas in their automobile
She was in the back seat while he was at the wheel
With the windows wide open
All the money from the store, they’d gambled away
He said «the best laid plans often go astray»
She took the page of a book and turned it down
She lit a cigarette, she didn’t make a sound
«And I know, if we’d had just one more chance,"he said
«I know, we’d finally hit the big one at last», she said
(Instead of) another lost weekend
Lost weekend
Another lost weekend
Lost weekend
«Pull over soon,"she said, «it's no big deal,
You can take any exit that you happen to feel
Is the right one»
The right one
As she slowly blew her smoke out the rear wind vent
She thought back on all the letters she’d sent
For a contest to be on a quiz game show
«Maybe I shoulda stayed in school,"he said
«Yeah, I know???‚¬???‚¬???start your own business cleanin' swimming pools,»
she said
Chorus repeat x2
She leaned over the front seat and twiddled with the radio dial
She looked out the window, saw a sign, and both of them began to smile
«There's a place we can stay at… it’s up another mile.»