Stan Ridgway — King For A Day lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "King For A Day" by Stan Ridgway.


Yeah, I’m drivin' down your freeway
In a brand new car that I just found
Oh, it was parked there in your driveway
Didn’t want to wake you with a sound
So I pushed it down the street
Hopped in runnin', I rolled the window down
Yeah, I’m doin' 95 now
I’m smokin' crack, it can’t be beat
And thanks for all the money
You left in your wallet on the seat
Oh, it’s generosity like yours
That keeps us poor folk off the street
Hey, I’m doin' 110 now
Can you still hear me on your phone?
I got a hundred cops behind me And overhead I hear the choppers groan
Oh, I’m headed for the wall, now
Gotta hang up now, thanks for the loan
So is this how we’ll end
My face here on TV
Here’s a message for your mother
Out the window--can she see?
So I’m cuttin' to the exit
I can see people on the shoulder wave at me They’re wavin' at me Don’t know how things will end, now
But I never wanted this to be so hard
That’s how love will go, it’s either there
Or it’s not there in the cards
So I’ll leave you now, but you’d better check
The fire I set in our backyard
Now I wonder if they’ll shoot me Or just fire that taser gun
And to tell you all the truth,
It don’t matter a difference either one
I know it’s just a job they’re doin'
A man’s gotta take it as it comes
Oh, I think my bumper fell off
Somewhere ten miles back
The transmission is history
The engine block is cracked
I’m pickin' through these bottles
Left here behind the seat
The radiator’s boilin' and
The needle’s in the heat
So this is how it ends, now
You get the kids and kick me out
So I guess I had to show you
That this man is not a mouse
Hey, I hope you’re happy now
I gotta hang up now and crash into this house
Daddy’s home!