Stan Ridgway — Floundering lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Floundering" by Stan Ridgway.


Tonight I’m looking for someone to tell my troubles to Some fish will swim but some fish just get caught
I’m walkin' by a market and I remember me and you
Feelin' like an old filet that no one bought
Nobody knows, nobody sees
I’m caught downstream, and I’m floundering
Walkin' by the old canal, I sit down along the shore
I throw one lonely duck my last french fry
I had a dream of drowning???‚¬???‚¬???I heard the underwater roar
So pack me up in ice, and take me home to fry
Chorus repeat x2
And late at night, I hear the wind just yawn
Some fish will swim, some fish will spawn
Chorus repeat x2