Stampeders — Almost Home lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Almost Home" by Stampeders.


Doesn’t matter where you are
Just as long as you find it
Riding on a falling star
You’ll be there where your mind is
Try to make the best of it
'Cause my friend, you’re not alone
And if you forget the rest of it
You’re almost home
I was always wonderin'
Though I found myself amusing
There was always just one thing
Life was so confusing
Got myself together now
I’m an old familiar fellow
And I’d like to take a bow
I’m almost home
Diggin' everything you see
Leave your troubled mind behind you
Do your best to find the remedy
And peace will always try to find you
There’s a happiness that we must find
Nothing like we’ve ever known
And with patience within our minds
We’re almost home