Sourmouth — Add Mind of David lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Add Mind of David" by Sourmouth.


With so much hated underrated faces
In the game that it makes mainstream
Seem racist, age is teenager’s and
80's baby’s you either gotta look
Like drake or get fucked by Ray-j
All work no play to maintain and
Make it, hard work no breaks like
An Asian education, Freemason
Flippen birds to the whole dam
Nation like a pigeon in the hood
You gone clap when i make it
Snap back on they ass rubber band
Man phase em, Ive been in the trap
In the kitchen Rachel Rayen
Around the world like Mase welcome
Back home David, the underground
Underdog comin up like som seaman
Uhh, im not the one to hate a gay
But i Ain’t gay so i guess that
Means my soul is up for saving
Ive been labeled criminal in almost
Two whole different states
People call me Juvenile i had cash
Money in the bank, shooting star
From afar i live my dream, sleep
Lucidly i control my fate, i do
What it do like the mountain drink
Woo you like Lucy from Ally Mcbeal
Cuckoo i flew that one who knew
My nest was filled with drugs and
Booz, I drink i smoke can’t stop Roy
Jones, said fuck five steps im
Stepping stoned, I was trippen my
Addiction i was feeding i ain’t lyen
Id be a hypocrite to hate on anybody
Sniffing lines, my Achilles heel is
Blunts, extacy up in my prime
Wizzled out at my shows almost
Every single one, imitating what
You here like an onomatopoeia, with
No copy write or works cited get
Cited and go to jail, fo real no
Fairy tail, them pirates ain’t
Peter pan, stop biting, you
Couldn’t handle a bite out of
Fucking crime, Nas said raps not
Rap without beef, if you can’t give
A fuck in a rap i will quit
Where else can you vent, where else
Can you let loose, plead the 5th
Like R-Kelly Fuck that fuck you
I mean bro i am cold, i am bold
With speech, and i know this im
Focused i fold MC’s, they fold
Like taco’s i freeze there free
Syle no style off brand MC’s