Sour Alley — Mr. Enthralled lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Mr. Enthralled" by Sour Alley.


Pink carnations and a pick-up truck, I had it all
I drink kopi luwak in a Wedgwood cup, I was king
King of you all
I kin cage fight any one of you all; I kin rock climb to the sun
Surf waves 200 foot high, I was free.
And king of you all
Her smile hit me like a 12×4, dropped my manhood to the floor
It’s not thunder but a drumroll you hear,
Introducing, Mr. Enthralled
Like a Roadster as it tattoos the night, riding deep to the soul
It’s not a Harley but my heartbeat you hear,
I’m a man, but I’m a man enthralled
It’s not just heartfelt when you see a goddess, who is clearly moon and stars
You huff her fragrance as she passes by,
I’m her man, but I’m her man enthralled
She’s Queen of you all
I’m her Mr. Enthralled