Sour Alley — Chimerical Existence lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Chimerical Existence" by Sour Alley.


Young loves, young dreams, like seamstresses' seams
Have stitched a wilderness within
Tunes of love and some should ‘uves have built a fortress of unreals
Chimerically existing
Feelings fly, emotions lie to this beautiful lonely one
Sounds and sights that meet her eyes are always treated to a sad song
Pasted onto a face
With a future long, long since gone a chimerical place
Banners fly; color her sky, while she sensually combs her hair
Dragons fly and her white knights die,
While she silently sits and stares
Her chimerical world
And who is he? He lives within her dreams.
Guitar BREAK
Who is he who sits alone on some mystically shrouded hill?
Quite wise to a world’s old vice which pits a life of truth or dares
Against her realities
And who is he, lives in her dreams
Who is she who weeps alone while writing on a talking leaf?
Living life and living love just like a candle and a thief
With withered dreams
And who is he, lives in her dreams
And who is she, lives within my dreams
Deep within the waves of my dreams
Chimerically alive
Chimerically mine!
Guitar BREAK