Sopwith Camel — Fazon lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Fazon" by Sopwith Camel.


Who’s going to live
in all those cities under ground?
If they move there
will they ever come out, of the ground?
Are they going to raise the children
in tiny caverns in the ground?
Send the children out to play
in the sound they have found?
Fa fa fa fa fa fazon fazon fazon
Who’s going to be the ones who live
beneath the sea?
All their lives, a thousand feet
beneath the sea?
Ocean Mother tells her baby
«used to be a lighter place.»
If he’s a good baby maybe
might feel the sun on his face
Fa fa fa fa fa fazon fazon fazon
Who’s going to go, on all those
trips in outer space?
All their lives in the dark of outer space.
After a hundred generations
a billion miles from the sun
all these spaced out people
finally find another one.
And they say:
Fa fa fa fa fa fazon fazon fazon