Sons of Perdition — Revelations lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Revelations" by Sons of Perdition.


With a red rock for a pillow
I lay down as to die
Blood poured thickly through my veins
My fever burning high
I suffered fitful visions
All steeped in blood and hate
They burned themselves on my mind’s eye
I was helpless to escape
I spied a spectral ladder
Tying earth to heaven
The spirts of those whom I had wronged
Climbed in groups of seven
They did decried my crimes aloud
In accusing ghostly yells
Some made their up to the top
While others slipped and fell
Demons swarmed like insects
From the corpus of the earth
Their claws outstretched and menacing
Limbs dragging in the dirt
The earth was torn asunder
In a glowing gaping maw
That swallowed those who lost their grip
And held all who should fall
The ground unleashed its horrors
Exhalations from a tomb
The choirs of hell both rose and throbbed
Wailing songs of doom
My soul was rent and boiled dry
At the screaming of the damned
I swore I’d never find that healer
As I was swallowed by the sands