Sons of Perdition — O Daughter of Babylon lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "O Daughter of Babylon" by Sons of Perdition.


At the Armagosa River
On the bank we sat down
Yeah, we wept as we talked of forsaking our town
I hung my guitar in the boughs of a tree
And cried a while more as I remembered thee
The boss wants a song
So he shouts to the gang
He laughs as we strike up a rhythm with chains
But, how can we sing the Lord’s song in this land?
If I forget thee, Sacramento
Strike this harp from my hand
If I don’t recall that city as my greatest joy
The songs of my Father
On my toungue will cloy
The bossman don’t care about my shackle sores
He laughs again, and orders us to sing a bit more
When I’m free, I swear I’ll burn this place to the ground
I’ll ride through its streets and gun all its folks down
O Daughter of Babylon, I’ll soon pay you back
The blood of your children will paint your streets black
Rejoicing, I’ll drink from those rivers of gore
As I dance to the wails of the Great Scarlet Whore