Sons of Perdition — Night Passage lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Night Passage" by Sons of Perdition.


The winds blew cold right through me
As I headed through the wastes
The venom coiled around my heart
And tightened as I quickened pace
Cold flames danced upon the sands
I spied a herd of camels
The muffled drones of Satan’s choir
Called from buried angels
The stars in heaven marked me
They know my name in hell
I swear I killed a drifter then
His body vanished where it fell
The air was rank with copper
Or blood from shuttered mines
A moldy skull stared from a ditch
Its fate fortelling mine
I found an empty mining town
Half swallowed by the earth
Bleached faces stared from windows
A sinkhole for a church
It was like a staved in coffin
So headed east to Page
Spectral voices joined that din
Of suffering and rage