Sonic Outcast — Changing Horizons lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Changing Horizons" by Sonic Outcast.


Only the truth you find in time
Colour the walls with things you’ve seen
To understand the things you dream
Tell me, what will drive you to stay
Committed, to every night and every day
But the power, the power, you hold
It was ours, ours, I know
It was the way we took the night
Asked me to wait now I just might
Thought if I closed my eyes just once
I’d lose you
Wings of a blackbird sent you bare
It seemed true
Days are troubled again
Took a stand for every sin
But in this life, I’ll brave it you’ll see
Put your life, in my hands, believe
That feeling of your skin
Please show me, show me if you’re in Yeah