Sonic Outcast — Breaking Down Fast lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Breaking Down Fast" by Sonic Outcast.


I know just what you are
You’re on the road to nowhere
Your looks will only take you so far
Before you’re gasping for air
You know I’m right
Ah you’re breaking down fast
Dreams are all in the past
The seeds have dug their way
And made a home in your head
The life of lights and lines
Have grabbed a hold of your mind
Get up and fight
Ah you’re breaking down fast
You fall but still want a hit
You reveal yourself at their will
A lonely world inside of a pill
I know the world you’re in, your hope is thin
I understand your pain
Take what belongs to you and see the truth
You’re worth more than you think
The question now is clear
Where will you go from here?
And so your story ends
Exchange your life for gold
Just wonder why in silence
Was it worth what you sold?
Changing your way
Ah but you’re breaking down fast
Your body remembers the crash
Of the night that you took too far
Confused is all that you are