Sonic Outcast — Acid Theatre lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Acid Theatre" by Sonic Outcast.


Close your eyes to pass the time
I know the drug inside your mind
You forget your brain still bleeds
The pain still grows because you feed
Empty and gone
Your life won’t last that long
Count all voices you hear scream (scares you to no end)
And all the chemicals designed to burn and take you under
The skyline seems to move and turn
All this time you did not learn
Wander to an empty room
The barrels loaded much too soon
Gone too far the end is near
Start crawling through a closing space
Welcome the ground
The dirt is all around
Re-live your pain
It’s all at stake
Disgrace your name
Your life’s a waste
A game that is played
No winners, I’m afraid
Realize your sin
If heaven takes you in It took you down