Skyclad — Constance Eternal lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Constance Eternal" by Skyclad.


On wednesday the seventh your flight departed,
you waved us goodbye — we stood on the ground
as one journey ended another one started —
you passes overhead (your wings made no sound)
This world’s just a rock — mow a little bit lighter,
for me there’s a void where your smile once shone.
A new star is born far bigger and brighter
than all of the others — that’s where you have gone.
Over the stormclouds you float high above me,
knelt in the dojo we offered a prayer.
Yassi was smiling — you saw how she loves me,
I’m sure you look forward to meeting her there…
One with the light that was sent here to guide you,
forgotten the cripple asleep in her chair.
You dance hand in hand — Bernard standing beside you,
you’re Ginger Rogers and he’s Fred Astaire.
Constance in eternity,
Constance in eternity,
Constance eternal.