Silence After Funeral — Engraved lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Engraved" by Silence After Funeral.


Roses are dying with her
fading away
there is nothing left to do
I whisper
a prayer of desperation
She is lying on the bed
this terrible disease overtakes her weak
and dying body
the last second
of her existence
ends here
in this white room
Just a moment before death took her
I whispered a prayer
of desperation
«Let her live and
take me instead»
Forevermore your face
is haunting for me
forevermore your face
is haunting my dreams
Pale and beautiful
almost touchable
forevermore your name
is engraved in my heart
She is haunting
(your name is engraved)
in my dreams
(your name is engraved)
in my heart
(your name is engraved)