Sicboy — Nelly lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Nelly" by Sicboy.


You nag complain the truth you' ll bend
My mind oh I try to think
The stones you throw I wanna sink
The sticks you slap across my back
Your words are worst and how they will attack
You come disrupt my life again
Complain complain until the end
Deny that you want to play with me
Deny that you want to be with me
Deny that your endorphins are high
Deny that your heart and soul are mine
Through stone I can see you I cannot remember
Through stone I can feel you I cannot remember
Through stone I will mourn you I cannot remember
Through stone I can be you I cannot remember … way down you make me sick
I wish that you would go away
Never return oh please don' t stay
You mouth so foul it’s festering
Your words lash out and make me sting
I hope some day you' ll will see
The way the way you punish me
Cannot speak up my tongue is tied
You are the thorn that' s in my side
Deny save it you lied
Save it you lie…