Sicboy — Ink lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Ink" by Sicboy.


Think back to the time in the car
With little sleep and trust we won’t go far
Among these words you say a little intrigued
Upon the place we met the shallowest sea when do they
Looking back I see the emptiest place
The words you say to me the ink on your face
In time you’ll learn to live with dirty hands
The shell is lifted reveling an empty man. What’s in my
A crack moves across the wall
A crack moves on a crowded wall the glass is
filled with heaven and the tears that will fall
and thou I try to lend a helping hand
the words you say to me its clear where you stand whats
in your eyes
Can I lift up the weight, life up the weight that frees
In time I will see that its mine
Yes I will deal with this
Yes I will deal with this shit