Sicboy — Flush lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Flush" by Sicboy.


I don’t want to hear your lies undo your debt to my
surprise kill
The ones who hear these things upon your head will fall
an uprising
Endless miles fall to death
Hear your lies current shift
Fill their minds with all your shit
Heal their pain but you’ll never get
Living lives with untrue myths
The fallen lives of the apocalypse
Hate I don’t want you to live this life of pain
I will get to you take my life away
With the words of god and your words the same
I can see through you little man you take and take
I wont let you in my head you bastard
Everyday I see their eyes
Conciealing faces hypnotize
I wont let you take these lives upon my heart
I swear to end mine the way you speak the terms of
The endless lives you take