Sicboy — Fever lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Fever" by Sicboy.


Cannot face the things that can be real
Do not and see your enemy
And so I say I hate to feel
Reveling me your enemy
Enters his mind it can be real
Enticing me with fantasies
Exploting dreams my past you steal
End this birden and set me free
One more time I see your face in my mind
Cannot see if it’s real broken line set them free
One last time but you wont let me fucking go Is this my life or some kind of fucking show?
I try but I can see anymore
I lived the life of being a whore
I tried but your dead
One more time for being free!
Its time to face that things are real
Cannot see you face it came to me And though I say I hate to feel
Its time to choose my remedy
Enters his mind it can be real
With hollowed pain that the semen came from me Revolting things my past you steal
End this dream and set me free.
I tried, you died… I tried but you died… can't save you, why?