Shaman's Harvest — Destination Nowhere lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Destination Nowhere" by Shaman's Harvest.


Been ridin' up and down
Highway five, just about a week now
Might as well keep on ridin'
Go on to New Orleans
Takin' time for myself
The only way that I know how
Don’t matter when I get there
Followin' the broken line
Take me back to nowhere
Shelter me Until they find me Till then they’ll keep searchin
Last time I’d been down this way
I ran into some trouble
See, lawman’s got a real fine lady
She always gets her man
She laid into me Like brimstone
Comin' from the bottom
So I shifted into low gear
'fo they hung an innocent man
Next time you find yourself
Rollin' down in Slydale
Just tip your hat and move on,
you’ll be hangin' from that pole
Take me back to nowhere
Shelter me Until they find me Until then they’ll keep searching