Seungri — In My World lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "In My World" by Seungri.


In My World 보이지 않는 곳에
그곳에서 살고있지
In My World 언제나 환한 미소로 날보며
웃어주던 사람들과
So Let’s Fly Just You And I
Don’t Cry No Other Cry
난 이렇게 항상 니곁에서 노래부를래
넌 그렇게 지금처럼만 날 바라봐줄래
나눈을 감는 그날에도
다시 태어난대도 너와
In My World 너를 감싸안은채
English Translation
In my world
In a place not visible
Needing air to live
In my world
Always with a bright smile
Did people laugh at me?
So let’s fly
Just you and I
Don’t cry
No I don’t cry
I’m always by your side, singing you a song
Would you look at me now, standing here
Turning a blind eye to the day, I’m born again
Come out
In my world
I’ll hold and protect you
In My World boiji anhneun gose
Geugoseseo salgoitji
In My World eonjena hwanhan misoro nalbomyeo
Useojudeon saramdeulgwa
So Let’s Fly Just You And I
Don’t Cry No Other Cry
Nan ireoke hangsang nigyeoteseo noraebureullae
Neon geureoke jigeumcheoreomman nal barabwajullae
Nanuneul gamneun geunaredo
Dasi taeeonandaedo neowa
In My World neoreul gamssaaneunchae