Sergio — Yes I Will lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Yes I Will" by Sergio.


Rock me nice and roll me tender
up and down your hill,
yes I do surrender
give you all you know I will
yes i will (yes i will)
yes i will, (yes i will)
i will, (yes i will)
Your love drives me crazy
everytime is such a thrill
no, it’s never lazy
take it all you know
i will (yes i will)
yes i will (yes i will)
you know i will (yes i will)
do do do do Can’t you see
give me yours
give you mine
I will
do do do do Can’t you see
come on baby
you’ve got yourself a deal
such a nice clean deal
Oh yeah I feel it’s stronger
it’s you my needs fullfil
can’t wait any longer
come on, now you know I will,
You are my wild desire
it’s passion that I feel,
just wanna feel that fire,
then I’ll burn, you know I will.