Savage Sun — I Can(T) Change lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "I Can(T) Change" by Savage Sun.


I’ve taken the fall and I’ve tasted the pain
And I refuse to let it all just be wasted in vain
When the life that I pictured disappeared from the frame
I came to terms with the fact that I needed to change
The sap inside the vine the same as blood in my veins
Each hopin' for the sun, yet thanking God for the rain
I managed to escape the raging blaze ah the flame
All this to drive a stake right through the heart of the game
And its the same old but the truth be told
I got this new day to this gift to gold
The past is a part of me, its engrained in my soul
Yet I’ve withstood the storm that couldn’t take the dream that I hold
While some make due some fight to break through
I passed this test when I pressed my last debut
And in choosing a path that has been traveled by few
I learned ya best live your life or else ya life lives you
Those with closed minds who just won’t learn
Let 'em touch the stove, they meant ta feel the burn
Cuz it’s much more than an obstacle
For some souls, change is impossible
But for me, it’s a six-letter word that means
I can transform into what before were dreams
I’m about what it is, give a fuck how it seems
I’ll keep swimmin' upstream despite what life brings
Been on this quest since the day of my birth
Still doin' my best to move Heaven and Earth
So whatever it’s worth, and for better or worse
Ima give it all that I got until they load up the hearse
So keep your nickels and dimes, I want change
Novocain for the soul to ease a dull pain
Through the cold, I’m devoted to still hold the flame
And maintain the flow til you know the name