Roger Glover — The Ghost of Your Smile lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Ghost of Your Smile" by Roger Glover.


I climbed up the attic stairs, went back in time
The perfect opportunity to see the scene of the crime
If that’s really what it was
There, among some postcards of the sea
Souvenirs of a vagrant time when everything was yet to be
Back then we were living in the Land of Oz
I found this photograph
Didn’t know if I should cry or laugh
We were hungry in a different sense
Hanging on to our precious innocence
But there’s a tear in the ghost of your smile
In my mind’s eye
What were we thinking? I hesitate to guess
The sun was rising in the east, we were looking west
Wouldn’t let a single night slip by
Without wasting time, chasing shadows in the dark
We couldn’t have come together, we just had to break apart
Never knew the reason why
Here it is in black and white
For so many years it hasn’t seen the light
A frozen moment caught in the lens
A lost emotion that somehow never ends
And there’s a tear in the ghost of your smile
In my mind’s eye
Whatever it was that you were then
More than a lover, less than a friend
The village idiot would sit and wait
While someone else was busy planning their escape
That’s the trace of a tear in the ghost of your smile
In my mind’s eye
In my mind’s eye