Rockie Fresh — December Rain lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "December Rain" by Rockie Fresh.


Why are we even going?
I know we’re going for something
I heard that people start tripping at the push of a button
So, let’s not push any buttons
Let’s not waste any time
Or have them petty discussions
And let’s just focus on running
Said I’m running for whatever’s trying to take
Let’s fuck cancer, cause that cancer shit is crazy
I lost so many to it wish I found a cure
Instead I’m smoking blunts for all my fallen ones on tour
I always kept this lil' special group of friends
Who got me through them crazy times I thought would never end
I had them late nights, I’m trying to get my cake right
The devil testing me, I had to get my space right
My main girl was tripping at the wrong time
Moving into wrong ways, it caused so many long days
And even when these people doubted, I still had faith
Shit, when them niggas hate you know god is great
Shit, I promise I will have a lot up on my plate
But I never share my food, I’m hungry I’m not being rude
Before I get ridicule, I get rid of fools
Cut’em off and than it’s back to making bigger moves
Yea, I always bounce back on my 1, 2
If I say I’m coming through, then bitch I’m coming through
And yea I want the money but some shit I won’t do Is certain shit I can’t do, why, because I’m not you
It’s boss moves if I take the job I get it done
The night I went to but I was back before the sun
When I was young I used to want to be Kanye and Andre
Was playing Rozay in the hallway
My momma like: «boy, you play this shit all day
And can’t remember one subject to get one A»
I beg the system to set me free
And I’m going hard for the life that’s meant for me You see I’m 24 and I was 12 years a slave
But I’mma be a rich nigga when I will be put in the grave
Real shit