RJD2 — It All Came to Me in a Dream lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "It All Came to Me in a Dream" by RJD2.


It all came to me in a dream
Pull off the biggest heist that the world’s ever seen
Put word on the streets and faith in the team
That if we execute we can take the whole thing
Synchronize our watches to 2014 that’s when we fall in for the conquest and
cream, confident cause we mapped out the whole thing
And even if they find out, they can’t do a thing
My right hand man from back in the day, is fresh out the can and knows how to
crack safes, I put him on hold cause this ain’t quite the same, but the skill
set is similar to people robbing banks; bold enough to take food off somebody’s
plate, put camera’s everywhere that catch every frame, so we walk through the
door in the middle of the day and gave notice to the gatekeeper standing in our
They have fat bank accounts, too much cash to count, at the mercy of our five
finger discount, but as odd as it sounds we go a different route,
cause sticking people up ain’t what this is all about, there’s money, magic,
diamonds, and rides, but nothing’s worth more than people’s hearts and minds,
it’s what we came to take, it’s all by design, the fame is temporary but
respect is life time
Dun, dun dun! + bongos?